5 Things You Need To Consider When Creating A Sales Page That Makes You Money

5 Things You Need To Consider When Creating A Sales Page That Makes You Money



Do you know which page makes more money than any other marketing page?

Answer:  You know what I’m talking about right? It’s a one page advertisement website, consists of a long-form, hard-hitting in your face salepage types of headlines and sub-headlines. People usually don’t like it, but the thing is it makes more money than any other web property in existence, because it’s the shortest path to a sale.

Now let me share with you the 5 things you need to consider when creating your next sales page, because this is where the real money is at:

  1. Uniqueness

The human brain is programmed to discount the familiar. On the other hand, it’s very scary to be different. Because people are scared to be different, when they look around and see everybody else doing the same thing, guess what they do? They copied those people.

Let me ask you a question. Is a graphic sales page unique? And the answer is undoubtedly it’s not even close to being unique. It was a long time ago when the first few people did it, but now everybody does it. And I can guarantee you, you will lose money using a graphic sales page today.

So your sales page needs to be unique. You want certain types of headline, sub-headline, font-style, and texture that you’re going to use.

  1. Consumable And Inviting To The Eye

This is a very important psychological concept. The easier your sales page looks to consume, the more likely it will get consumed. The number 1 rule of any advertisement is to get the headline red. If it looks daunting, people will pass it.

When you break down, you talk about stuff like…

Golden Ratio: It’s a fibonacci sequence. I don’t know the math exactly, but it’s a certain height to width type of ratio. E.g. the spacing between paragraphs.

Eye Fatigue: When you improve readership, you always improve sales. You want to break down and layout your sales page in certain patterns so that the eyes get a relief. If you have nothing but a wall of text, that’s going to fatigue the eye and people want to quit before they get to the sales message.

Double Readership Path: When a person comes to your page, they’re going to fall under 1 or 2 categories. They are either going to be a skimmer or they’re going to be a reader. You want to lay out your page to both categories.

  1. Multi-Faceted

Your sales page needs to be multi-faceted if you want to get the most bang out of your buck. The appearance shouldn’t look cheesy to your consumers, merchant services, vendors, joint venture partners, and social media. It should look professional as well as being direct marketing optimized.

  1. The “Ready State”

Most of the time, when you’re tweaking your sales page, it’s tedious.

You need a tool or software that able to help you create professionally looking pages as quickly as humanly possible.

Here’s why. If you feel empower to create a sales page, are you more likely to create it? Very likely. If you feel excited to go out there and make money, you probably more likely to actually make money. If you’re inspired, it’s easy to inspire others to listen to you and buy your products.

  1. Duplicable

Once you have completed a nice looking sale page, you want it to be duplicable across other websites as well. I.e. from one website to another, or from one user to another. This usually available in the form of templates where you can easily access and save it with the push of a button.


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