Air Conditioner Rentals – Keep Your Guests Free From Cold Feet Or Sweating Within the Tent

Air Conditioner Rentals – Keep Your Guests Free From Cold Feet Or Sweating Within the Tent

If you are throwing a party during summer months, then you should consider air conditioner rentals. Renting air conditioners is especially important if you are celebrating your party    air conditioning rentals    within an outdoor tent, or any outdoor party locations.

Tents have ventilation, air conditioning and heating equipment needed to keep your party comfortable, whether it is summer, early spring/late fall day or cold days. Ask your party rentals whether they offer sidewalls to your tent and also ask whether they provide set of climate control products that you need to keep the guests cool or warm.

Here are few options for cooling products:

Portable air conditioners: Renting air conditioners can cool the tent to 30-40 degrees and also lower the humidity levels. Renting a thermostat helps you to control the temperature from inside of the tent. For more details you can ask for party rentals. They can help you to determine what you need for your tent air conditioning along with the required number and size of air conditioning units, power capacity you need to apply, and number of generators for supplying the power.

Evaporative cooling systems: These systems also called as spot coolers. This cooling system provides a drop of 20 degrees in temperature. Evaporative systems need less electricity than air conditioning units. They can throw the air up to 100 feet distance.

Fans: Party rentals have a wide variety of fans from floor to pedestal styles. They circulate the air around your guests and keep them cool throughout the party.

Here are few products for heating products:


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