Alternative Media Companies Take Advantage of Opportunities  

Alternative Media Companies Take Advantage of Opportunities  

New York City’s Times Square is possibly the center of the universe when speaking in terms of outdoor advertising. As in years past, New Year’s Eve 2009 brought together some of the biggest brand names and, as usual, out-of-home advertising was the star of the show. 2009’s celebration led sponsors to get a bit more creative and    Alternative Media   optimistic (not to mention frisky) in an economy that saw much more pessimism and stagnation than in years past. From confetti wishes and kissing stages to wind-powered digital billboards, it was truly a sight to see.

At midnight, Times Square was raining hopes and dreams – literally. One popular candy brand’s newest candy bar sponsored a website for people to submit their resolutions, goals, and hopes for 2009. The website was set up during the weeks leading up to the new year where people could submit their wishes. The messages were then printed on tiny pieces of paper and dropped over Times Square at midnight, showering New York City with over a ton of wish-covered confetti.

Echoing this upbeat tempo, a soda company’s new ad campaign focused on youthful optimism that blanketed the billboards of NYC. The campaign created uplifting words out of the brand’s redesigned logo. As part of the NYE festivities, the company unleashed one thousand balloons (complete with their new logo, of course) on Times Square, minutes before midnight.

The best use of technology by an alternative advertising campaign was to utilize the camera-equipped cell phones of the millions of celebrators across the nation. The campaign encouraged partiers to send in their cell phone pictures. Approved pictures were then sent to a massive, 19 by 34 foot tall digital display in Times Square.

The innovation and preparedness continued for the inauguration of 44th president of the United States of America. It was obvious to advertisers that the event would provide a perfect platform for companies to reach millions of Americans with their own messages of change. A car company turned the opportunity into a road trip, beginning in Detroit and ending in Washington, D.C. just in time for the inauguration. A caravan of new, hybrid vehicles carried the theme of change to D.C., making stops at Ohio State University, Penn State University, and Howard University.


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