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The 2020 CrossFit Open is here. This is a special part of the year when we share the common bond of fitness with friends, family, and others all across the globe. The Open is a five-week test that allows you to check in on your progress, discover weaknesses, and experience breakthroughs.

Each week of the Open, the workout will be released live from a

CrossFit Games 2020 Live Stream  Affiliate or special location. Live announcements will stream on the front page of You can also tune in on the CrossFit Affiliates or Sanctionals individual channels. Links will be provided detailing where to watch.

Live announcements share the stories of fans and CrossFit athletes everywhere. As a fan of the sport, you’ll get to experience the diversity of our community and notice the familiar elements that connect us. Let’s take a look at Week 5.


Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. – Expect fireworks in Boston as two perennial powerhouse athletes go head-to-head in CrossFit Open Workout 20.5.


Castelnau-le-Lez, France – Dans la nuit du 7 au 8 novembre 2019, l’équipe du CrossFit French Throwdown s’assoc annoncer le 20.5, dernière épreuve de l’Open des CrossFit Games 2020.
Nous aurons le privilège de voir s’affront Willy Georges et Streat Hoerner.

Willy Georges, qui était le Champion National Français de l’édition 2019 de l’Open et a deux participations aux Games, affrontera Streat Hoerner, qui est actuellement 18ème du mondial de l’Open 2020 et a également participé deux fois aux Games.

Haarlem, Netherlands – The finale of the 2020 Open heads to the Netherlands for a matchup of top national contenders.


Goiânia, Brasil – Punk CrossFit do Brasil convida a todos a celebrar o último desafio do Open com a transmissão ao vivo do 20.5. Junte-se a sua comunidade para ver grandes atletas acabar esta época intenso do Open. Veja o anúncio em direto hoje às 21h no



Pleasant Hill, CA – Week 4 of the Open is here. Diablo CrossFit will host the release of 20.4 on Halloween. Watch Ben Smith, Sean Sweeney, and Jason Carroll face off for bragging rights and higher stakes. The winner of the three-way matchup will take home US$2,000.

Tune in for the live release at 4:45 p.m. PT at

Varese, Italia –  L’appuntamento con Zoran e Giulia è nella notte tra Giovedì 31 Ottobre e Venerdì 1 Novembre per l’annuncio dell’Open Workout 20.4 dal vivo presso CrossFit Varese e in diretta streaming sul canale YouTube del CrossFit Italian Showdown.

Vedi i migliori atleti italiani competono in 20.4


  • Miglior italiano al CrossFit Italian Showdown 2019
  • 2° classificato in Italia agli Open 2019


  • Migliore italiana al CrossFit Italian Showdown 2019
  • 6° classificata in Italia agli Open 2019

L’evento sarà condotto da Zoran Filicic, commentatore sportivo di Eurosport, insieme a Giulia Salvi, speaker di Virgin Radio. Analisi tecnica di Matteo Piran, CrossFit L3 Trainer. Ospite Matteo Pozzati, CrossFit HQ Country Manager.

Anche tu puoi partecipare all’evento live: vieni a trovarci al box e riceverai in regalo la t-shirt ufficiale degli Open di Crossfit Italia! La mattina seguente potrai anche restare con noi a fare il 20.4 con i nostri giudici.


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