Da Vinci Robotic Surgery in Turkey

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery in Turkey



Da Vinci medical procedure is a kind of automated medical procedure of that empowers not so much intrusive but rather more exact careful strategies and methodology in various clinical fields. Among one of the latest inventive careful Gamze sinem çağlar

innovations, Da Vinci mechanical medical procedure offers specialists more alternatives for negligibly intrusive just as unpredictable and confused medical procedure methodology. Da Vinci medical procedure is an alternative in an assortment of clinical medical procedure fields, including:


  • General medical procedure – colorectal malignancy or bariatric medical procedure strategies


  • Cardiovascular medical procedure – mechanical coronary conduit sidestep or mitral valve fix


  • Urology – radical prostatectomy for prostate malignancy, halfway or nephrectomy, kidney stone, and bladder medical procedure methodology


De Vinci mechanical medical procedure strategies have been accessible for around five years and the innovation effectively used in a large number of methodology in offices around the world, with clinical distributions all through the world praising its viability and security.


What Is da Vinci Robotic Surgery?


De Vinci automated medical procedure uses different types of mechanical hardware, including automated helped laparoscopic, endoscopic, and thoracoscopy surgeries. Automated medical procedure joins PC helped advancements with fine careful apparatuses to give improved access to different body zones, regularly using uncommon degrees and hardware constrained by specialists by means of a screen in the working room.


Mechanical medical procedure empowers and specialists to make incredibly exact and controlled developments than conventional open-careful methods and methodology. Automated medical procedure requires truth be told, exceptionally little one to two centimeter length cuts instead of the huge cuts generally required for some essential surgeries.

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