Drivers’ Licenses in Spain – The Requirements to Apply for A Spanish License

Drivers’ Licenses in Spain – The Requirements to Apply for A Spanish License



Many EU citizens that move to Spain to live and work are unsure as whether they are required to change over their driver’s license to a Spanish buy driving license one and if so under what conditions. This has been the cause for a degree of concern for some longer term residents in Spain as in some cases, the authorities have been known to apply hefty fines for failing to comply with this requirement. The following is a brief review of some of the main points to be borne in mind as well the necessary documentation you will need to present if you decide to apply for a Spanish driver’s license.

EU citizens who become residents in Spain have up to 6 months to register their driver’s license in Spain. After the first 6 months’ legal residence, you are obliged to apply for a Spanish driver’s license in exchange for your current one. If your present license is out of date, you will all need to pass an eye test. In order to exchange your British driver’s license for a Spanish one, you will also have to present 2 passport-sized photos, sign a declaration that you have no physical or psychological impediment that would disable you from driving, as well as paying 15.65 euros in taxes. In addition, you will need to prove that you were living in the UK for at least 6 months at the time of passing your driving test. In theory at least, you are liable to be fined for not registering or exchanging your driver’s license on time. For more information, you should contact the competent local authority in charge of all traffic related matters in your area.


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