Hair Systems: How to Find the Best Hair System for You!  

Hair Systems: How to Find the Best Hair System for You!  

Looking for a better hair system?

Many people come in to our studio looking for a better hair system, or even the best hair system available. What this means to each person is quite different, really what they are asking is ‘which is the best one for me?’ This is a great question to ask, but the    hair replacement system   responsible hair replacement consultant will ask is ‘what do you want from a hair system?’

People’s expectations are very different, the following list is an example of what you should be thinking about prior to getting a new hair system:

The most natural looking front hairline

Durability and longevity

How ‘thin’ or ‘thick’ is the base or membrane

Does it create an imperceptible transition between their own hair and the reconstructed hair

How light is it? (its weight)

How cool is it?(how hot does it get whilst in use)

How thick or thin is the hair density?

Can it achieve a natural scalp like appearance?

‘all skin’ base or monofilament/ lace base.

What type of hair does it have? Where did it originate from?

What is the grade or quality of the hair? Virgin or processed hair?

Perimeter bonded system or full head bond?

Is it a non surgical skin grafting solution or a traditional hair system?

Semi-permanent or permanent?

As you can see, there are many things that need to be considered so that you can get the ‘best hair system’ possible for you. Thus, it is important that your hair loss consultant understands what you mean by the ‘best hair system available’ (He may interpret that by the ‘best for him’ or ‘best = most natural hairline’). To understand your needs it will take some time and discussion. Asking plenty of questions and see if they listen to your desires. You should feel free to ask all the questions you want and expect honest answers in return – write them down before you come in. If you don’t understand something, ask again, it’s the consultants job to explain everything to you thoroughly. Ask to see some of their work so you can see and feel the quality, inspect the way the hair has been implanted, etc. You should know exactly what you are getting.

However, sometimes when people are looking for a better hair system, they are looking for a better service provider. Often we find that people who have received a poor quality hair system are also experiencing poor service. Which is not surprising, if a company doesn’t care to provide a good quality product, their service will also be lacking. Not all hair loss studios are equal and you often ‘get what you pay for.’ Some are more boutique (like ourselves) that seeks to provide high quality hair and personal service for each person. Others are just cheap – both in products and service and most are not happy with either. Sometimes, you are simply buying the brand, but you almost always get what you pay for.


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