How Silly Is A Homemade Air Freshener Anyway

How Silly Is A Homemade Air Freshener Anyway

It really seems like a quaint idea to try making your own homemade air freshener spray some day when there’s nothing else to do, but really, who has the time? The supermarket shelves are lined with just about every pleasing air fresher scent one could imagine,    personalized car air fresheners    so what’s the use?

We all have some type of home deodorizer under the kitchen sink, sitting around the house, or plugged into the electrical wall socket. If we didn’t use something to refresh the stale odors, we would need to move out pretty soon, right? We need those scented air fresheners to come to our aid!

But what about the damage we are causing to our health and allergies? How are we affecting our health and that of our families with the continued and prolonged use of commercial products to freshen the air and make it smell like berries, or roses, or bath powder, or whatever.

The problem is that the use of commercial air fresheners can and does cause serious health and allergy problems as we continue to breathe and ask our skin to absorb the toxins and harmful chemicals. They cause problems which you may never dream of attributing to simple little air fresheners.

Even though we tend to trust anything sold from our favorite store, the people who manufacture air fresheners, personal care products, cleaning supplies, and laundry products in the U.S. aren’t required to disclose what went into their products.

Here are 3 of the most prevalent chemicals used in commercial scented air fresheners and the damage they can and do cause to our health:


skin irritations



kidney and liver damage

upset stomach




breathing difficulties





Phthalates are routinely linked to:

birth defects

reproductive damage


As you come to grips with the very real damage these chemicals can cause to your health, the idea of using your own homemade room deodorizer to freshen up your home looses some of its quaintness and takes on a different perspective.

You can do a quick search on Google and find plenty of healthy homemade room spray recipes that come in all the scents you could imagine. They are made from natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to your health, and give your home a beautiful, all natural scent.

Try this really basic homemade air freshener spray to start detoxing your home and your health today:

What you’ll need


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