How to choose the right web hosting company..?

You have made up your mind that you simply will buy an internet site name (or several) and remove web hosting from a website hosting provider.

First some considerations about the domain name (s)

Domain names don’t really have anything to try to with web hosting and may be registered independently from the hosting package. There are advantages if you’ve got name and hosting separate. for instance , if the hosting company you chose fails to supply an honest service, all you would like to try to is locate a far better website hosting company and alter the name settings. If you’ve got name and hosting with an equivalent company and therefore the company ceases trading, the last item they believe is your hosting or name. By having them separate, you’re lowering the danger.

Disadvantages of registering the name together with your Web Hosting Company

Many website hosting companies offer to register domain names on your behalf. You think that that your name is together with your hosting company, when, in fact, they register it through some third party registrar for you. You then receive an invoice in 2 years’ time from a corporation you never heard of, ignore it, and within the worst case lose your name.

Furthermore, in many cases, you’ll not get access to your name details nor will you tend a website name instrument panel. Why does one need a website name control panel? You would like to be ready to update the contact information for your domain name(s). If you progress house for instance and don’t update you name details and for a few reason you would like to vary registrar etc. (or because your web hosting company ceased trading), you’re in peril of losing your name because you can’t prove any more that you simply are the owner of a particular name.

Also, a website name instrument panel allows you to vary email forwarding, web forwarding, and most significantly, the name servers, also as another settings. Inspect 123-Reg if you would like to seek out more that.

Larger hosting providers

Have an honest shop around online and inspect different providers. There are many large hosting companies out there like 1and1. The advantage of registering with an outsized hosting company is that they need hardly any downtime and their servers are going to be fast and up-to-date with the newest spam protection etc. Website hosting are often costly though if you register with an outsized web hosting company and if you would like any additional services, you’ll need to buy them. Support are often a problem too – you always need to fight through many “Frequently Asked Questions” before you’re allowed to send an email to their support team. You would possibly even have to call a Premium Rate telephone number if you would like to talk to someone urgently. These rates can rate from £0.50 to £2 per minute (!) or maybe more. In most cases, you’ll receive good support, but in some cases you would possibly be put through to an unexperienced one that has got to speak to their supervisor to double-check things frequently – and every one that at a premium rate!

The biggest problem with large web hosting providers is that if you miss the annual payment and don’t react to their payment reminders – they’re going to remove your website, your account, without further notice. In some cases, there’ll not be any chance to recover your website. With an outsized web hosting company, your website is simply variety during a very large pool of internet sites. If they lose your custom, so what!

Web hosting with a smaller web hosting provider

If you discover a reliable smaller web hosting provider, likelihood is that that you simply will receive a private service, and support questions are answered with tons more detail and tons quicker. Presumably, you’ll call a UK landline or a 0845 or 0870 number which may be a lot cheaper than £2 per minute. In some cases, you would possibly be ready to receive a reply to your support question – which you sent on a Saturday evening – that very same night.

If you miss your payment with a smaller web hosting company, they’re going to presumably call you personally and remind you on your late payment. They keen to stay you as a customer and can probably not remove your account and your website immediately.

Web Statistics

Ask the online Web Hosting Companyif they supply extensive website statistics. You would like to understand what percentage visitors have accessed your website, what search terms they won’t to find your website in Google and other search engines, what percentage visitors you’ve got per day, on a particular day of the week, and so on. Please also ask if you’ll have access to the web site log files. you would possibly think that adding an internet site hit counter will provide enough information, but that’s actually the foremost inaccurate method of counting your website visitors – and aside from that they appear tacky and unprofessional. Your web hosting company should provide statistics that are a minimum of as comprehensive as Verbalizer and if statistics are important for you, you would like to possess access to your log files which may then be analyzed with statistics analyzing software (such as Surfs tats).

E-Mail issues to observe out for

Before you’re taking out check in with a hosting company, ask them if they supply SMTP/POP3 which you would like to line up email accounts. If you would like one or several e-mail addresses together with your website – like – the online hosting company must provide SMTP/POP3 setup. Some web hosting companies only allow you to receive emails sent to, but they’re going to not allow you to use these e-mail addresses to send e-mails from. They’re going to simply argue that you simply can use your Internet Service Provider E-Mail address – like This doesn’t look professional in the least, and you ought to avoid web hosting companies that don’t provide SMTP/POP3 service.


Check with your web hosting company how often backups are made. Usually, backups are made on a day to day. If you’ve got an outsized online store on your website and therefore the server room at the online hosting premises is ablaze, you’ll lose all of your work if they are doing not copy their web server files. So please check if they need a backup routine in situ.

Free Webhosting together with your internet service provider

Please don’t use this! Your internet service provider company provide an online connection. That’s what they specialize in. they often “throw in” free web hosting for up to 100 MB or maybe more. They normally don’t provide SMTP / POP3 setup for the sending / receiving of emails associated with your website, nor will they supply databases, server scripting language support and such like. Usually, you’ll only upload websites developed in pure HTML, and in some cases you’ll not be ready to use FTP software for uploading your files and managing your files on the online server. Your business website will probably use some kind of server-side scripting language – like ASP, PHP etc. and perhaps use a database like MySQL. If your website is together with your Internet Service Provider, the support for this service are often poor and therefore the account can sometimes not be upgraded to incorporate server-side scripting languages, and/or databases.

Web Hosting Costs

Web hosting costs can vary greatly. you’ll remove web hosting for as little as £15 per annum , otherwise you can get web hosting, including 5 email addresses, 100 MB web space (which may be a lot for alittle business presence) for as little as £30 per annum (check out Plug socket). If you purchase an internet design magazine, you’ll see many adverts from bigger web hosting companies. Inspect their prices, their policies, and perhaps give them a call – you’ll determine how long it takes until your call is answered.

Do not jump in because it’s cheap, and conversely, don’t think the service must be great because it’s expensive. Inspect what’s on offer then make an informed decision.

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