How to set a business in British Columbia?

How to set a business in British Columbia?

Canada is one of the most amazing places when it comes to immigration. It has all the factors which work in its favor. These factors are a huge existence of natural resources, protection of human rights, and prosperity. All these factors work why Canada gets so many immigrants every year who want to start small businesses here.

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British Columbia is a popular province for immigration here. The major countries from which British Columbia received immigration were, China, India, and Japan. This is how immigration happens to this province.

As per the entrepreneur program British Columbia has the following application streams applicable:

Entrepreneur immigration-Regional Pilot:

As per this program, communities which are a part of this program will choose entrepreneurs to be a part of it. They will also develop cooperation with local partners to make sure that immigrant entrepreneurs get complete support in settling here.

All those entrepreneurs who are sponsored by a community are a part of the registration pool. The entrepreneurs first have to contact a community to get selected. They should do so after checking the priority sectors of a community. The profile of every community has its contact details so that aspiring entrepreneurs can contact it. As per this program, every entrepreneur who wants to get selected must have his net worth and investment requirements listed for him. A language proficiency requirement of CLB 4 has also been referred for it.

The other kind of scheme which is applicable for entrepreneur immigration is the base category scheme. The main difference between both the programs is that the regional pilot scheme invites entrepreneurs who want to start a business here. However, the base category scheme accepts individuals who want to invest in an already existing business.

Entrepreneur immigration-base category scheme

For this program, there are the following requirements,

The aspiring entrepreneur must have a net worth equivalent to 6,00,000 CAD.

He should be able to prove that he has prior experience in running a business so that he does not face any problems

He should be willing to invest 2 lakhs CAD in the business. This is how he can get the business running and going.

To register with this system, an application fee of 300 CAD is required. After you are selected for this system, a fees of 3,500 CAD is needed.

How to select a feasible business opportunity in which you can invest?

You have to search for a suitable business opportunity in the economy of this province. All this information about the businesses listed in this province is given on the WorkBC website. When any business idea originates in your head you can put up a business profile. You will be given a score based on the information for registration provided by you. Those who have the highest information as per their registration scores are invited for application. Contact us to get more information about these programs which allow you to thrive in the Canadian economy.

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