Link Popularity – Step by Step Guide to Attracting Inbound Links Through Google Image Search, Part 2  

Link Popularity – Step by Step Guide to Attracting Inbound Links Through Google Image Search, Part 2  

Anyone who has ever used the Internet were even know something about it has heard of Google and its awesome power for providing links to content. As an Internet marketer Google Image Search is some of the top online real estate you can develop link popularity by using step-by-step guides and methods to attract inbound links. This site   aliexpress photo search     allows you to upload images, insert a description and a link to your website or squeeze page. As long as you are using proper keyword optimization rules your image will come up in searches that your target market audience will be conducting. They will be able to click on your image and be directed to your website or product offer.

Once you are on the Google Image Search website and have uploaded image there are several steps you can take to further optimize it.

Follow these steps:

  1. You be able to enter an keyword optimized title. You can also use an html image tag to give you a path to the actual graphic. And it may or it may not be a little bit helpful to have the text you want the image found on-in this case, use the keywords that you want the image to be found for when your target audience searches for information – it may be helpful to even include it in the file name, as you can see.
  2. Scroll over a bit more on the webpage and you will see the width and the height of the image along with your abilities to select whether you want a border or not.
  3. And here’s the particularly important point. The “alt” attribute. What it actually does is it stands for “alternative text,” which means that if for any reason the graphic cannot display-for example, some people may browse with images turned off-then instead of the graphic, this text appears to help such people still understand what the image…what type of image was there. And understand why it was there. So basically, it’s there to help give relevance to where your images are…for people who have images turned off.
  4. However, using the “alt” text is also very important for giving more relevance to Google, which can help you get found on the searches you want to be found on. For example, you may use “free sports pictures” as the alt text, which obviously you want to be attributed to whatever your image has to do with -and therefore your website-will appear when someone searches for “free sports pictures.” So don’t stuff the “alt” tag with loads and loads of keywords. Make it readable, but also bear in mind that Google is going to…or may well use this for relevance for the Google image search. Remember that all of the information that you can add for your image will help you bring that up higher with in search results and give you greater link popularity and the possibility of attracting more inbound links.


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