Non Slip Socks For Your Babies

Non Slip Socks For Your Babies


Your baby needs to stay warm. Though adults do not lose a lot of heat through the head or feet, babies are quite the opposite. Babies without a hat in cooler air can get unbearably cold. The baby grip socks  same can be said for babies without socks on their feet. Your baby will sleep better with warmer feet, which is why some parents put socks on a baby even when wearing a full body sleeper. They should also have socks on all day if there is any chill in the air. If your baby is crawling and showing signs of walking, non slip socks are a must if you want to avoid a lot of unnecessary accidents.

A baby learning to pull themselves up, crawling across the floor, or walking around the furniture needs non slip socks so that they do not slip. They are okay with bare feet, but if you put socks on them, they are not experienced enough to compensate for that slippery material and they are going to fall down and they are going to do it a lot. They may not have a problem on carpet, but they won’t be able to stay up on linoleum, tiles, or hardwood floors. You can put shoes on them, but that is not always practical.

If you can find the right ones, non slip socks are going to be a life saver. Your baby is not going to fall as much, though they are going to have some accidents as they are learning to get up and about on their own. Some come with just a little grip on the bottom, and that is not always enough. You want ones that you can tell are going to offer your baby a good grip on any flooring type. Make sure you get the right size too, as socks that are too big will rotate on their feet, leaving the non slip socks useless as the grip will be on the top of their foot instead of the bottom.

Babies fall a lot when they are learning for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that their head is almost one forth of their body size and weight and heavy in comparison to what it will be when they get older. Their feet are also not as big as they could be, obviously, and therefore they are more than a little top heavy. They also don’t understand gravity, which leaves them daring to do things that we already know are going to hurt them. The socks are not going to save them from gravity all around, but they do stop some falls from happening.

You can find the same stuff on other clothing items as you can find on the non slip socks. There are sleepers and even some other items that come with the same grip on the bottoms so that kids are not falling down. Even older kids are going to slip once in a while, long after they have mastered walking, climbing, and running. The simple grip put on the bottoms of many socks and pajamas made for kids will help you keep them from knocking their noggins on the floor one too many times at any age.



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