As a rule, the costs of genuine cowhide (particularly the main layer calfskin) are especially higher than PU calfskin, so it is genuine cowhide is with much preferred propeties over PU? The appropriate response is no. The genuine cowhide is costly is a result of its numerous reasons. For example, rare sources and repetitive handling of creature skins. Nowdays with the advancement of innovation, nature calfskin can not accomplish numerous fantastic properties of PU LEATHER particularly like dissolvable free PU and DMF free water-based PU. Due to their great physical and compound properties, sound and eco-accommodating and creature benevolent profermance, great consistency and so forth, Europe and United States and so forth are profoundly regarded and step by step pick imaginative PU calfskin rather than genuine cowhide.


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Waltery engineered cowhide, as a top Chinese engineered calfskin provider (assembling and exchanging combo), is spent significant time in DMF FREE PU cowhide, SOLVENT FREE PU calfskin, TRADITIONAL PU calfskin, microfiber calfskin improvement, generation and sending out.


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