Searching For The Best Italian Gourmet Food  

Searching For The Best Italian Gourmet Food  

When searching for the best Italian food, it may be as simple as looking around the corner to a local Italian restaurant. However for true Italian gourmet foods, its best to always head to Italy and search and explore the regions where some of the finest pastas, breads, and cheeses are made.

While much of Italian cooking was indeed inspired by the discovery of the “New World” bringing in such items as potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and maize, this cooking has centered around pasta products, as well as fine breads, and most definitely    fine cheeses.

The regions where these products are produced are directly influenced by the conditions in which the livestock are raised as well as soil. From the very beginning Italy has had some of the richest soil for wine grapes as well as Italian gourmet foods. The country is rich in soil as well as in resources to produce some of the finest cooking on the planet.

Italy is well known for a pasta product known as risotto. The process of making risotto is usually very time consuming and this process on its own makes it one of the most sought after Italian gourmet food items in the United States as well as in the world.

Risotto is usually added upon, and the ingredients will vary depending on the region and can range from fish to chicken, as well as pumpkin and asparagus. The region most heavily associated with risotto is Veneto, where other  are also found such as pasta e fagioli which is soup containing pasta and beans. Veneto also features more exotic dishes putting into play more seafood and diverse ingredients.

The region of Lombardy is known for being a big user of rice in their cooking. Cheese is also extremely popular in this region, the land being well suited for raising cattle and producing good milk and cheeses.

Single pot dishes, which are somewhat popular in Italy are extremely popular here, taking less effort to make and while generally meant for the working class are still considered gourmet Italian food on many levels. A region known for wild game, hunting, foraging, and gathering is Piedmont.


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