Staying In London and Tasting the World

Staying In London and Tasting the World


Speaking of world-class restaurants, London can give you a taste of different culinary specialties of different countries across the globe.

If you are interested to experience South African dishes, enter the doors of Vivat Bacchus located in Farringdon Street in London. Delicacies Baby store in London

like crocodile spring rolls packed with vegetables plus chili sauce and roasted springbok are just examples of the must-eat specialties. The restaurant is popular for serving high quality wines and cheeses. Vivat Bacchus is now operating for almost five years and they also have applied their own touch to European food. It was chosen as one of the top five UK restaurants accredited for good service by the Harpers and Queen / Moet and Chandon. It also carries the banner motto stating that life is too short to drink bad wine.

Another African restaurant you can check out is Chakalaka, which also serve African food. There is a promotion ongoing here. The challenge is to finish your Namibian Rump Steak plate in just twenty five minutes and you will receive a free South African T-shirt.

If you have an inclination for Spanish menu, visit Navarro, which offer genuine Spanish dishes. It is located in Central London. While you are there, do not miss the tapa and the potatoes. The dish is affordable but simply delicious. It can only accommodate a few persons, so make sure you book a spot.

Italian restaurants, of course, will not vanish in the London food trip experience. There are a number of restaurants that showcase Italian cuisine. For great Italian dishes, try entering any ASK restaurant which are dispersed in strategic places in London. Their baby spinach salad with avocado, mushroom, and sprinkled cheese is a must-try.

Another Italian restaurant you need to visit is Ristorante Ollivelli Paradiso situated in Store Street, London, which is just a short distance from Tottenham Court Road. The food is great. The restaurant is small if you are coming as a group but is good if you want to bring a couple of loved ones and a or close friends.

In Tottenham Court, try the cinnamon buns of Cinnabon, which is one of the best in London.

If your tongue longs for Thai food, visit the Blue Elephant in Fulham Broadway. The service is great, and the staff is very accommodating. The Thai cuisine is really a treat for the taste buds.



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