Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Personnel and Strategy  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Personnel and Strategy  

Luke McCown was always the person the Bucs never dreamt of starting a quarterback. Although he had worked with Tampa Bay for four seasons he was always an afterthought to  tampa sign

Chris Simms and Brian Griese.

McCown thought he had left the club in his review mirror, not until the firing of Jon Gruden who was of less use to him. However, new Bucs coach Raheem Morris and the general manager Mark Dominik considered McCown as their quarterback of the future that was the basic reason as to why they signed in the 27-year-old McCown to a two year contract with a guarantee of $5 million this year.

With great assurances that he will compete for the job, McCown decided to become a free agent. He said that it was made clear to him over the process that he was going to compete for the starter and leader of the team job. He did not hide his happiness for having the chance.

The incorporation of McCown means that the Bucs may not be interested in re-signing Garcia who is set to become a free agent. Brian Griese and Josh Johnson are the only other two quarterbacks under contract. Most importantly, Griese is expected to earn $1.8 million next season with a $300,000 roster bonus.

McCown said he had no clue as of which, or if any quarterbacks, the Bucs however planned for him to compete with next season. He said that he was looking for someone to give and show him support and he says he was excited to find out that his dreams were finally coming g true.

In several ways McCowns looked miscast in Jon Gruden’s version of the west coast offense. Generally, he is regarded as one of the best athletes for the team, with a strong arm and can drive the football down the field.

In Tampa Bay, McCown finished 94 of 140 passes for approximately 1,009 yards with five touchdowns and three interceptions for a quarterback rating of 91.0.

He spent most of last season as the No. 2 quarterback. However when Garcia was unable to play in a critical game at Atlanta last December, Gruden bypassed McCown in favor of Griese,something which contributed to the Bucs’ four-game losing streak till the end the season.

McCown confessed that he wasn’t going to play for the Falcons. He confirmed this with disappointment and surprise. McCown’s contract is basically same with the deal Garcia signed in 2007. It includes a $2.5 million signing bonus and base salaries of $2.5 million in ’09 and ’10. The contract could be valued to be $14 million.


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