The Greatest Joe Pesci Movies From His Accomplished Career  

The Greatest Joe Pesci Movies From His Accomplished Career  

When making a list of the greatest actors working today, one person that often goes overlooked is Joe Pesci. Maybe that is because he quietly has been staying away from the silver screen; in the past ten years, he has only been in two films. You cannot question the   raging bull online casino     films this man has been in though. He is a truly amazing actor.

The following films are what I consider to be the best Joe Pesci films of all time.

It goes without saying that Home Alone makes the cut. Who would have thought that a humorous story about a boy getting left home on the holidays would translate into such an iconic film? Maybe Pesci knew this franchise had legs.

In Goodfellas, Joe Pesci plays the part of Tommy DeVito, a gangster in the truest sense of the word. This has to be one of the best mafia movies of all time, and any time it is on television, I feel the need to watch it in its entirety.

One movie that is often paired with Goodfellas is Casino. Maybe it is because both films feature Joe Pesci in similar roles as well as Martin Scorsese behind the lens. In either case, both movies are incredible, and I feel like Casino gets a bad rap because it came out after Goodfellas.

I definitely need to include My Cousin Vinny on my top five Joe Pesci film list. This movie holds a special place in my heart. For one reason or another, this was a film that was on quite often in my household growing up.

Another film that has to be mentioned on any great list of Joe Pesci films is Raging Bull. In my opinion, this very well might be the greatest boxing film of all time. That is saying something, considering most of the Rocky movies, Million Dollar Baby, and Cinderella Man have come out since.


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