The World Calls it Football, the United States Soccer – It is the World’s Greatest Game  

The World Calls it Football, the United States Soccer – It is the World’s Greatest Game  

There are many reasons why we support a football team and we often can’t put those reasons into words. Sometimes as a youngster we have a favorite player and support the team they play for. Sometimes it happens in the school playground where we like the colour of a shirt (although this reason totally baffles me). Other times it    View live football today    is because we like to support the underdog.

For me the choice of football team to support was easy. I was born in Davyhulme, grew up in Swinton, now part of Salford near Manchester, and went to a school where 90% of the boys were Manchester United fans. I know this will dispel the popular myth that people in Manchester don’t support United but who cares. As Mancunians we know the truth.

I’ve been in life threatening situations, I’ve been carried away with immense emotion and I’ve screamed my lungs out so hard that my voice was left to the football God’s for days before slowly and painfully crawling its’ way back. I’ve witnessed decades where rivals have gloated over success while we continued to flatter to deceive. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve fallen out with friends and family alike.

Whatever the reason that you support your team; there is no doubt that the history of Manchester United is one without rival. We have suffered more tragedy than any other club and thankfully, we have had more triumph than most. Our history is one of the main reasons why we are supported by millions throughout the world. The other reason, no matter what the circumstance, Manchester United will always play the game the right way. From Busby’s magnificent Babes through to the current team, United have been unrivalled in their passion for open, attractive and entertaining football.

For fan or foe, the Manchester United story is one of highs and lows, of excitement, adventure and legends. My memories are through the eyes of an ordinary fan like you. They do not have the rose tinted advantages that modern day footballer has. My story is not the autobiography of a player yet to reach his prime, or one that will never be anywhere near as good as his ego lets him believe. I am not a journalist, or anybody with an insider view. My memories of football are all scratched deeply into my heart, all true, some joyous and some painful. Like every other United fan that I know, I live and breathe football. I cry when we win and I cry even louder when we lose.


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